Roger Dallaire

Passionné d'histoire... il vous en contera des bonnes!

Pour Roger, les traditions ne relèvent pas seulement du passé, il en fait un véritable style de vie. 

Conteur, musicien, comédien, marionnettiste et folkloriste, Roger a plus d’une flèche à son arc.

Roger has been performing in schools all across Canada since 2000. Musician, storyteller, marionetist and folklorist, Roger has much to offer. Proud of his French-Canadian cultural heritage, he is passionate about sharing his "joie de vivre" in schools. He has known many successes, one of which is a duo with the famous Québecois storyteller, Fred Pellerin. Roger has performed in several hundred schools with his colleague Daniel Gervais in their duo "Trad'badour". His theatrical know-how shows in this captivating production!

Le p'tit cordonnier


The Little Shoemaker

Roger marionnettes.gif

This shoemaker doesn't just make shoes for a living; he also builds marionettes to share joy and happiness. Will he know what strings to pull to spread cheer? This captivating school show, with marionettes, song, dance and participation, will engage audiences of all ages! In the school show "Le p'tit cordonnier", students will experience an adventure that encompasses all performing arts. This show will touch on identity and encourage students to discover and be proud of who they are. The students will play an active role in the production. Roger will have them singing and participating throughout. The group selected for the workshop will be showcased in the performance.

École Banff Trail School is unanimous! We loved the show. Roger has succeeded, with his magnificent performance, to engage everyone, from kindergarten to grade 6, without forgetting the teachers. The show was well-suited for our Carnaval week: wooden spoons, traditional dance, New-France, etc. The teachers said that Roger spoke clearly and that his show was of great quality. Everyone appreciated the implication of the students before, during and after the show.
— Sophie Ducharme - École Banff Trail, Calgary
“It is with great pleasure that I highly recommend Roger Dallaire to any school wanting to highlight the French language and culture in their community of learning!” - Karol Cabaj-Martin, Principal at St. Paul Elementary School “He is a wonderful storyteller/musician with a great sense of humour, flair and the ability to engage both young and old. He is a talented professional, a gift to schools and I recommend him for any endeavour he chooses to pursue.” - Glyn Lewis, Executive Director, Canadian Parents for French BC and Yukon
— Glyn Lewis, Executive Director, Canadian Parents for French BC and Yukon